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Just Follow The Program

4 times a month, I host a health and fitness AMA session on Twitter. Most of the questions are from young men and women who’ve just started training. “What’s the best exercise to get 6 pack?“, “How to develop upper chest?“, “Can we build muscles with bodyweight training?” I always answer them because I understand their beginner perspective.

Sometimes some of these men slide into my DM and continue the conversation.

Can you write a newsletter about cardio?” Sure I will. And I did. “You mentioned burpees for cardio. Will it hurt my joints?” Just don’t do the jumping part, you’ll be fine. “Okay. How can I do cardio with the bodyweight sample workouts you’ve shared in this quarantine workout newsletter? Tracks are closed here“. You can reduce the rest duration between sets and get partial cardio benefits. Throw in some high knees and burpees here and there, and you’ve got cardio covered. “But will I get the benefit of the body recomp benefit that Mr X says Sprinting will give?

Around this time is when a normal being would shun and block you. But I’m patient. That’s my secret weapon.

Your patience in answering the same questions over and over again from beginners…this determines your aptitude for teaching

Anyway, what I would say at this point in time is, “Bro, just get one of my programs already. You’ll stop wasting your time, get real results and educate yourself in the process“.

If you take your fitness goals seriously, then following a program designed by an expert is a cheat code. There’s truly nothing to lose and everything to gain by following. Here are just some of the benefits of following a Program.

A program pushes you out of your comfort zone. When you don’t follow a program, you risk being taken advantage of by your monkey mind. That monkey mind is unreliable. Some days it might be highly motivated and will want you to do 10 sets of pushups, but on other days it will whisper “maybe you need some more rest“, or “we have more important work to do at office“, or “we already gave it all yesterday. It’s ok to take it easy today” and then you end up doing only 5 sets of pushups that day. But if you develop the simple discipline of following a program as is, then your monkey mind doesn’t even get a chance to be heard. On days when you feel energetic, the workout feels great. And on days when you don’t but still stick to the program by drawing strength from the deep recess of your mind, you will feel accomplished.

A program prevents you from getting injured. You can’t always be pushing hard. The body breaks. You need to be smart about it and take advantage of how your body heals (which depends on your age and goals). My programs have phases built into them that allow for recovery and rebuilding. They also have specific smart selection of exercises that will always be safer to do. This knowledge is not easy to come by if you just read mainstream fitness advice. Hint: You don’t need barbells to build strength and they have a much higher chance of injuring you. Dumbbells and machines are better and safer.

A program gives a clear direction for increased strength. It does so implementing progressive overload. By following the workouts as is and taking the specific diet advices (which all of my programs include), you will see increased strength that is measurable. Your limit of 10 pushups in the first week will become 50 in the fifth week.

A program educates you. Fitness education is not a fad. It’s timeless. The training tips, the exercise sequences, the rep ranges, the diet needed to get specific goals – these will be ingrained in your brain and are all yours to keep forever. You’ll start making and keep making better decisions in the future based on what you learnt from the program. You will have become smart.

As I always say, my programs simply WORK. You can see the proof in the countless Chadformations that men following my programs have reported. Check the “Testimonials” story in my Instagram.

Having said that, which of my programs should you follow? I have too many. Check this post to see a list of my most common and popular programs that you’ll very likely want.

Life is too short to search youtube for workout videos and formulate a plan all by yourself. Let my years of experience and hard earned lessons help you.

Even just one of these programs will change your life and teach a lot about your body and yourself.

But only if you follow the program!

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