How To Become Freakishly Productive

Commit yourself to an insane level of work and discipline for 6 months (better yet, a year)

Normalize a freakish level of productivity

This is likely not sustainable, but once you dial back, your level of output and dedication will still be vastly ahead of the competition 

Much of this work will be overkill, you will more than likely burn yourself out

But you’ll know where your limits are, and set new ones

You’ll have an objective lens of what actions give you your greatest returns

And you’ll never struggle with consistency ever again. 

  • Ive trained clients from 6am-9pm at night
  • Ive trained 7 days a week for months on end
  • Ive written 3x emails a day, 100 tweets a day, a video every day

Its all made my “normal” day to day life highly productive, its a Way of Being 

How tf is my business going to fail when writing 1000 words daily is my minimum and I can answer 100 messages a day without thinking about it?

How tf am I ever going to be out of shape when training “only” 5 days a week feels like undertraining?

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