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All Of My Free Programs

My Free Programs are detailed and comprehensive. They can give you everything you need to get started on your fitness journey, be it to lose fat or gain strength and muscle.

➤ 20 Life Lessons For Men In Their 20s. Get it here.

Fat Loss and Diet related

➤ FREE AJAC’s Guide to Fat Loss – 50 Facts and Strategies. Get it here.

➤ Free AJAC Guide to Intermittent Fasting. Get it here.

➤ Free Report – 15 Diet and Training Principles for Skinny Hardgainers. Get it here.

Gym-based Programs

➤ AJAC’s Foundations Program – A “start from zero” program for Gym first-timers. Get it here.

➤ FREE Strength and Muscle 5×10 – Build Muscle, Get Stronger, Make Gains in only 3 days a Week. Get it here.

Bodyweight and Home Gym Programs

➤ FREE AJAC Guide to Bodyweight Training. Get it here.

➤ FREE PROGRAM: Bodyweight Warrior. Get it here.

➤ FREE Bodyweight Home Workout (The HOPLITE Home Workout). Get it here.

➤ FREE 3 Day Weekly Home Gym Strength Program. Get it here.


➤ FREE Report – Unconventional Arm Training Guide. Get it here.

➤ Free Report – Incline Bench Press Alternatives. Get it here.

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