The Weaker Your Grip, The Sooner You Die?

One interesting are of research is on grip strength as a predictor of all cause mortality

The weaker someones grip as they age, the more likely that they

-Will have cardiovascular disease
-be obese
-have Cancer

The amount of research on this is not small, its goes as far back as the 1970s

Why does grip matter though?

After more than 4 decades, the “answer” was quite simple

People with stronger grips have more MUSCLE

Muscle is the holy grail for health

It might seem strange, but the question of “Do muscular people live longer than not muscular people”, it was not studied much by formal research until this past decade

The answer was YES, Yes they do.

Not muscular people are not as healthy

Here is another study, showing that men with skinny arms are…more likely to die

The research reaches the same conclusion over and over

Muscle = longer lifespan, higher quality life

Less muscle = Shorter lifespan, more health risks

Do you have skinny and weak calf muscles?

Guess what, you are…more likely to get heart disease and die.

This study was with elderly people undergoing hemodialysis

Even in people with damaged kidneys, the best predictor of survival was…how muscular their legs were.

Lower thigh muscle mass is associated with all-cause and cardiovascular mortality in elderly hemodialysis patients

You will never find any science that supports being fat and undermuscled as being “healthy”

its the same conclusions over and over

The more fat you have, the less muscle you have, the greater your risk of disease and death

The health benefits of being Muscular are scientific, theres no reason NOT to be muscular and resistance train

-Longer life
-Higher quality of life
-Slower aging
-Stronger immune system
-stronger bones
-Reduced risk for every kind of cancer and every kind of neurological disease

This said

Getting a strong grip is not anything complicated, nor does it take any special kind of training

-Lift weights
-Perform basic compound exercises for your upper body, presses, rows, pullups etc
-Train your Arm muscles, biceps, triceps, forearms

Do you need to do FARMERS WALKS?
No. Weighted carries I think are overrated as an exercise

You could do hammer curls, DB shrugs, you get similar muscular benefits

Weighted carries are purely isometric

Your grip is trained during every exercise that you use your hands to hold onto weight

Chest & shoulder press, dips, pullups, deadlifts, rows, curls and extensions

Your grip is being worked during all of those

Unless youre a competitive strongman, grip work is not essential

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