What to Do About HAIR LOSS

For the past few years I have been asked on a weekly basis what can be done about hair loss. For some statistical evidence, ala the American Hair Loss Association.

  • 66% of men notice some degree of hair thinning by age 35, and this number goes up to 85% by the age of 50
  • 40% of people experiencing hair loss are women, and almost 50% will experience some form of hair loss by age 50

I am well known at this point for very having a very impressive mane of hair, I say that without ego. I have a thick head of hair, and very good hair genetics.

AJAC with his mother
With my mother

Consequently, I get the many many many questions on “what do you do for your hair??”, and also “what do I do if my hair is thinning??”

For a long time I would simply answer “genetics” or “shave your head”.

So far as my knowledge was current until recently, I did not know of any truly effective treatments for fair loss, outside of hair transplants.

That finally changed this past year, when my long time friend launched his hybrid supplement/cosmetic/health enhancement company, Aesir Custom.

For background before I talk about Aesir, I need to talk about Jay

I have known Jay for 8 years now (how its been that long is crazy to me). Jay is a Genius level intellect, who also happens to be hardcore bro, who is also deeply spiritual, and he has self educated himself into one of the foremost experts on Testosterone, Hormonal health, health enhancement, and life extension, and has published multiple books (TOT Bible, Guide to TRT for Men, Metabolic Blowtorch Diet). Jay is also more knowledgeable and a better teacher than 99% of personal trainers. He also runs a million dollar real estate business with his wife. And also has designed multiple supplements.

His talent stack is ridiculous. Jay is a real Polymath.

Said simple, if Jay says something “works”…IT DEFINITELY WORKS.

Jay does NOT bullshit.

Suffice to say, when Jay told me he was developing a product for HAIR LOSS, I was intrigued

I know Jay had always been frustrated over his hair loss. Like many men, he wanted a full head of hair, and as he had gotten into his 40s (he is now 50), his hair had thinned and he had done what many men do and simply shaved his head.

It was probably over a year ago that he told me he researching a product to mitigate and even Reverse Hair Loss

I was intrigued, but I also had no personal need for a hair loss product, and I was in Thailand at the time, it was 2020, and I figured Id check out what he was creating once he brought it to market.

I was very curious how one would work. Like I said, so far as I knew at the time, hair loss was largely genetic, and you could not do anything about it. The only products that existed were DHT blockers, and those often have horrible side effects (they essentially are chemical castration for men).

As It happened, Jay compiled ALL of his research and put it into this massive banger of an article

Now, about 60% of that article is spent thoroughly debunking the “DHT Inhibition Theory” of Hair Loss.

Since I know not everyone is going to read this, here is what what you need to know

  • The evidence on DHT leading to hair loss is highly conflicting, and its further undermined by a number of basic but critical observations:
    Why would DHT cause hair loss ONLY on the scalp, but not the rest of the body.
    Why do men with LOW testosterone still experience hair loss?
    Why do women treated with testosterone experience INCREASED hair growth on their heads and bodies?
    Why does increasing testosterone levels lead to MORE hair growth in puberty, but then testosterone is blamed for hair loss in older men, despite their levels declining?
  • The evidence “for” DHT causing hair loss has always been weak to begin with, and its very much an example of “sounds good, lets run with it” theory that the medical community adopted but never examined in depth and whether evidence fully supported it (amazing how common this is)

Moving past the DHT theory, we then get into what I deem the METABOLIC Theory of Hair Loss. I dont know if Jay gave it a name, but Im giving it a name

What is the Metabolic Theory of Hair loss?
The metabolic theory of hair loss accounts for hair loss as being an end stage phenomenon that is the result of a combination of life style stressors, chronic stress, inflammation at both the systemic and subcutaneous level, reduced bloodflow to the scalp, and possible mitochondrial dysfunction. This is applied to ones individual genetics.

So to make a simple list, all the following can lead to hair loss

-Medications like SSRIs, Blood pressure drugs, and some antibiotics
-Your genetics, particularly the shape of your skull and the androgen receptors in your hair follicles
-Poor blood flow to the scalp
-Chronic Stress levels
-Lifestyle habits (smoking and drinking both contribute to hair loss)
-Dysfunctional Mitochondria
-Local inflammation in the scalp itself

=Chronic Scalp Inflammation=Hair Loss

How do You Solve this?

The overall solution is multi-pronged: reduce overall systemic inflammation and optimize health through diet, exercise, sleep, and cessation of bad habits (smoking, drinking, and a bad diet do not help anything)

What about solving for the Scalp Inflammation and scalp health though?

THAT is where Jays new product comes into action

Introducing Auxano Grow

Auxano grow is a topical, two stage product that you apply to your scalp. It contains TWO key compound

1. GHK-Cu-a copper peptide-The “GHK” stands for “glycyl-L-histidyl-L-lysine,”. It is a naturally occurring tripeptide with a copper molecule attached to it.

It was discovered in 1973 by Dr. Loren Pickhart and has wide range of regenerative health benefits.

Both GHK and copper are used extensively in the body, GHK for cellular growth, and copper being a key mineral for blood pressure regulation and heart rate.

Combined together they have multiple health properties

-Increased wound healing
-Improve skin appearance through improved collagen synthesis
-Reduction of local inflammation
Lowers systemic inflammation in your body
Increases blood flow to your hair’s follicular roots (i.e. more oxygen and nutrients delivered to the active tissue in the scalp)
Prevents hair follicles from shrinking (if not enhancing their size)
-At a minimum, as equally effective as Minoxidil without the side effects experienced after stopping use

2.Carbon C60-Carbob C60 is a very interesting carbon Allotrope (A carbon molecule structure) comprising 60 carbon atoms in a distinct icosahedron shape that resembles a soccer ball. It is a very stable molecule, and is sometimes called Buckministerfullerene, it was named after Buckminister Fuller, as it resembles the environmentally friendly homes he designed.

C60 is an extremely powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and also improves mitochondrial function.

Interestingly enough, it can be applied topically and absorb through the skin, which is what Auxano product is

Auxano Grow is TWO cream solutions, applied daily to the scalp

You first apply Serum A, the GHK-Cu formula, and then apply serum B, the C60.

The website contains instructions for application of course

And For anyone wondering how I know it works, I USED IT Myself the past 3 months

Youre all free to call bullshit, but I did. As my hair is reasonably thick, I applied the formula to the front of the hair line and around the temples.

What were the results? A definite increase in “baby hairs” with a few weeks and reduced hair loss from training (Im always tying my hair back for fight training and always losing the hair from sweating my ass off for 3-4 hours straight)

So yes, I believe it WORKS 100%

If you want to purchase Auxano Grow, follow the Link (which is an affiliate link of course, because Im be an idiot Not to affiliate for this)


Auxano is having a sale this week and is offering a discount to anyone who subscribes to their SMS messaging. So take advantage.

Any questions?

I would highly encourage all of you to follow the various links and listen to the podcast with Jay and Ben Greenfield that gets into the hardscience of the product. Or you could not and take my word for it, your choice

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