If you seriously want to lose bodyfat, and do so with brutal consistency, you’re gonna have suck it and accept these facts

1. Dieting for Fat loss is BORING

I had a customer once that was furious over his purchase of Accelerated fat loss…

“chicken & protein shakes! No variety! I follow this boring meal plan?”

YES. Thats exactly what you are supposed to do

Because if you want GUARANTEED fat loss, you need a guaranteed calorie deficit. The only way to ensure that is eating the exact same foods, every single day 

2. Fat Loss will lead to hunger

You cannot hack this. Especially if you are grossly overweight/obese

Your brain and stomach are probably dysregulated and half the time you are hungry even if you don’t need food

A high protein diet can alleviate a lot of this, but 

Some level of hunger is unavoidable, and ESPECIALLY if you want to get lean

Getting lean is controlled starvation. Fitness models, bodybuilders (natural and enhanced), they spend months dieting to get to single digit bodyfat

And every day they deal with the hunger

So will you 

3. The DIET does the work, not the exercise

A lot people think they can exercise in some special way that will drop off WAY more bodyfat faster

You can’t.

You’d need to exercise HOURS a day to create a big enough deficit for continuous fat loss (500 or more calories)


A single meal can wipe out that deficit, and the MORE you exercise, the hungrier you become

Even worse, too much exercise can lead to muscle loss, which you definitely dont want. 

4. You do NEED to lift weights

this preserves muscle mass and metabolism.

There is no special kind of fat loss weight lifting, Any strength or muscle building/bodybuilding program will work

Resistance training + Protein intake + calorie deficit=more fat loss 

this lifting is NOT for creating a calorie deficit, its for preserving lean body mass.

A calorie deficit with no lifting leads to more muscle loss along with fat loss

You lose “weight”, but now you’re likely to become skinny fat 

5. You lose 1-2lbs a week of bodyfat

Thats it. Its not 5lbs, its not 20lbs in a 10 days or some other silly bullshit

You are losing 4-8lbs a month

Fat loss is not a fast process, especially if you have a lot of fat to lose


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