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How to Maximize Twitter Growth

Have a Clear Reason for being on this platform

I see many brands and individuals mess this up because they have an odd Expectation that simply by having an account, somehow they are marketing themselves.

Twitter is a 24-7 platform and every user is looking for what would interest them. If your intention is to grow your account, you must have a clear theme to what you are offering and talking about.

Be Personal

Being anonymous will always work against you, people do not feel loyalty to anonymous accounts. It’s impossible to cultivate a tribe if you do not share yourself honestly.

Be Drama Free

The vast majority of people use social media to fight and argue and bicker. You can attract a tribe in this way, but it will be a cannibalistic and cynical one. An abundance of scarcity

Be a Good Twitter Friend

Offer positive commentary, start friendly conversations, and be civil in your overall conduct. You will get yourself noticed. I am always on the lookout for up and comers who are trying to make a positive impact.

The average level of discourse is people being antagonistic, pedantic, and overall being fucking annoying. Fand intelligent accounts stand out, and for good reason

Do Not Tribalize Yourself

The vast majority of accounts assigned themselves a single identity through politics, industry, and other generic labels. This makes you boring and signals that you have a little to offer beyond parroting other people’s bullshit.

Your bio should be an honest reflection of what you are here for. Let’s assume you are here to actually offer something constructive. Does your bio clearly state your purpose and show some of your personality?

This also applies to your profile picture. Show your real face If you are serious. On having skin in the game: If you want to build a brand around yourself, you must show yourself.

The Formula For Attracting Followers

This is very basic, if you want insane gross adding thousands of followers a month, Tweet 100 times a day. This is what I have done, and it works.

Now, that is a tall order for many because it has a lot of writing. This is why Twitter is a platform for smart people to take advantage of, you must be able to write well and write easily. Twitter rewards intelligence

If 100 times a day is too much, then 80 times, or 50, the main point being that the more you tweet the more followers you will inevitably attract. Numbers attract bigger numbers

Tweet At A 4:1 Ratio To Retweeting

You will recognize that this is a Pareto distribution. I have spent two years testing this, and the formula always holds. 80% of your tweeting should be your own content, 20% retweeting other peoples

The content that you retweet should represent your brand and interests. Also it can be used to filter your followers. Ratio does not have to be perfect. Understand that people are not going to follow you if you do not post enough original content

I often retweet things that I simply find funny, or interesting. I also re-tweet edgy content to keep it real with my following and let them know where I stand on certain issues. I want my following to be people that I fully get along with

The more original content you share, the more your drive will connect with you. You gotta shine bright like a diamond. You gotta let your personality run wild. You have to be uninhibited and not hold back

Authenticity Is Authority

Keep it raw, keep it real, keep it honest. Whatever you want to call it, people are looking for truth. They are looking for somebody that isn’t afraid to be themselves

Whatever the particular theme/themes are to your account, you have to personalize them; you have to find value in your own life and put it out there for people. There are infinite ways to do this, but know that it cannot be faked.

Don’t Get Into Fights

I cannot emphasize this enough, Arguing with trolls, arguing with random accounts that pop up to disagree with you, getting into feuds with other accounts, being petty and wanting to go after people. It does zero for growth

You might read this and think to yourself “but AJAC, you tell people to go fuck themselves all the time” and you would be right. But how often do you see me get into fights with other accounts? Fucking never, because I don’t care

Nobody wins an online argument. It’s a massive ego driven time saying that wastes your intellectual bandwidth on someone else’s bullshit. I block people constantly. I don’t remember them but they remember me

You are probably thinking that blocking people is a sign of weakness. Your attitude is typical of someone who has never gotten any attention online and values all attention good or bad.

Your other reason is going to be some bullshit about blocking out opposing opinions. But guess what, the people that have opposing opinions who engage in drive by commenting and act like assholes, Fuck those people and their stupid fucking opinions

If I want an opposing opinion, I will seek out a friend in real life who I know thinks differently from me and we can have an actual conversation I don’t get on Twitter to argue with a political slave drone who has their cat as their profile pic

Have A Theme To Your Tweets Each Day

Hopefully you have not pigeonholed yourself into only talking about one thing. To loosely but effectively keep yourself focused, structure your tweets around a daily theme

This is content strategy You can plan out in advance what you were going to talk about, and this can also guide your own study as to what you are currently developing and working on for yourself

Be The Leader

If you want to build a personal brand around your account, you must act as the chief of your tribe/following. Your following should naturally come to look up to you and respect you

What am I leading people towards? That is the meta question that you must answer, both for yourself and your tribe If you don’t know what you are doing here, neither will anyone that follows you

You Must Think Of Yourself As A Brand

Meaning what exactly? Meaning you should represent yourself in such a way as to be distinguishing, polarizing, and productive When people think of you, what do they think of?

99% of twitter users do nothing but engage in Fuckarounditis. If your goal is to have a brand on Twitter that makes you money and grows your company/business/audience You better treat this like a business. Twitter is direct line marketing

People should be excited to read your feed every day. You should be giving them something to look forward to. They should feel that their time invested in reading your content is worth their time

Monetizing Requires A Concrete Offering

This is something of a separate topic, as I cannot tell you what it is that you should be selling What I can tell you is if you have built the right kind of tribe, people will want to buy from you

Personal branding works the opposite of corporate branding. You build the audience first and then have something to offer. People come before product. This is the artisan model, and it is a long game approach

Credibility and authority and trust and expertise all take time to establish. If your goal is to monetize your Twitter account, you must build your tribe first and foremost It doesn’t take a large following to earn a livelihood

But you do need continuity with the following that you do have and you must always be thinking about building continuity. Your tribe is part of your story

In Closing…

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