The Diet for Lean Muscle and Old-School Fatloss

When you get the AJAC Diet, you get 3 books.

  • The main book, details of which was covered in yesterday’s email (you can read it here),
  • The AJAC guide to Lean Mass Gain
  • The AJAC Old School Fatloss Plan

I’ll tell you what’s covered in the last 2 books here.

The AJAC guide to Lean Mass Gain: Eating for Muscle Growth

While the main book was a holistic approach to eat properly that applies to everyone, this book is specifically for those who want to build lean muscle. It’s just the muscle without the fat and the one that gives the ripped look.

It explains these muscle building diet ideas:

  • 2 basic recommendation for weight gain
  • Stupid simple way to implement the 2 points above
  • 5 detailed suggestions that also busts some myths
  • 6 weight gaining strategies
  • Techniques to use to figure out your macros split using your bodytype (yes, you’ve heard of these types: Ectomorph, Mesomorph, Endomorph)
  • What should your Diet consist of?
  • Find the best food for yourself using a specific criteria
  • Timing Your Nutrition / Periworkout Nutrition
  • 7 point Pre-workout guidelines
  • 5 point Intra-workout guidelines
  • 4 point Post-workout guidelines

The AJAC Old School Fatloss Plan

This book explains the mind-boggling phenomenon of how the Golden Age bodybuilders (Arnold, Franco, Sergio, Larry Scott etc) got to single-digit bodyfat WITHOUT counting calories!

Did you know that it was not until 1990 that Food Manufacturers had to include calories on the labels of food. Outrageous right? Then how did these Uber Bros get so ripped while being ultra jacked?

It was the specific diet discovered and pioneered by a popular bodybuilding personality. 

It’s a 4 point strategy (somehow it includes being hungry. How else do you think you can lose weight reliably?).

The book also explains 6 reasons why this Old School method worked.

And as a bonus, the book also has this section: “How to Train while following this Plan”. It covers a workout plan that’s 4 days a week, 45 minutes per workout and follows a Push/Pull/Legs setup.

And that’s it.

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