Muscle Gain For Natties

If you have been training for over a decade, ultra consistent, and you still want to gain muscle, you need to think in 1-2 year time frames for mass gain, not monthly.

Natural muscle growth is SLOW.

Rather than do the typical bulk/cut that’s 3-4 months of each. 

Do a 1-2 year slow and steady bulk.That doesn’t mean get fat.

It means letting your Body Weight increase, and then keeping it there for a long time.


Say you’re 200lbs, 

Take 2 years to reach 225…

Get as strong as possible at that weight.Then do a cut.You’ll have more muscle than before.

This approach is a patient one. Long term mindset.

This comes directly from the best practices I’ve seen in natural bodybuilders. Reality is that for non enhanced lifters, you’re looking at years to make meaningful physique changes.

12 weeks is NOT enough time.

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