Following a program designed by an expert will give you real results in a much faster and safer way that what you can formulate on your own. In this article I explained the multiple benefits of following such a program.

Which of my programs should you follow? I have too many. But here’s a list of some of the most common and popular ones you’ll very likely want. Check them out.


I’ve trained a lot of women and I have something for you. While the general principles of strength, muscle and nutrition are the same for both sexes, based on the most desired outcome, I’ve developed the comprehensive Feminine Fortitude Program. No matter whether you are at a beginner, intermediate or advanced level of physical training, FF will get you results.


You are a young clueless man who has just begun to feel the shocking reality of Life. You hate fake relationships, you hate your unsatisfying job, you hate your friends for being mediocre, you hate being poor and you hate dad bods, metro-sexuals, being vulnerable, radical feminism, materialism etc etc. And most important of all, you hate yourself for being the unrealised potential who doesn’t know how to power up. My man, have you heard of my Fight Club Physique Program? I designed it just for you. It’s a brutal training of the body AND the mind. It trains you only with bodyweight. It teaches you to defy and thrive in the modern world. It teaches you to set high standards for yourself and become a bold decision maker. Thousands of men have gotten this and benefited immensely. Get it.

You have already been working out for a few years, you know your way around the Gym and you don’t care about flaunting your quad size. All that’s now on your mind is “How can I look like Brad Pitt in Troy?” Then this specific program – The Achilles Program – is for you. This focuses on the “mirror” muscles, muscles that are visually appealing – chest, shoulders, arms and abs (you train abs daily here).

You want to LOSE FAT so fast that it feels unreasonable? (but totally possible metabolically). Like the 1200+ people who benefitted from it, you need to get my Accelerated Fat Loss 4.0 (yes it’s the 4th version. I constantly update my programs to provide the most effective solution)

You are already 35 or 40 years old and beyond and are afraid of hurting yourself with improper training and damaging your joints and losing your strength as you age? I’ve got the Longevity Program that is helping hundreds of men around the world train regularly and age strongly in reverse.

You are a teenager or you have a son or someone close that’s a teenager. You want to give them a head start to begin their Life with. You want them to know everything an ideal Father figure would teach them. I’m not a father (yet), but I have a great father who raised me well and I’ve talked to many older men on what it means to raise a Son well. I wrote the HERO Program as a result of all those conversations. It covers both Physicality and Mentality. It teaches young men about what it means to be heroic, masculine and responsible. It teaches them about the foundational principles of diet, exercise and strength.

You are tall, over 6 feet and are handsome and strong. But you have the Swimmer/Basketball player frame, with disproportionately long arms, long legs, and built “slim” or “lanky”. And you find it extremely hard to build muscles with conventional training methods? I was once such a struggling tall man too. But I figured out better ways to train and it’s in my Tall Man Training program. Get it and train safely. Results will come sooner than you expect.

You’ve been training for several years now and are a proper Gym Bro who’s hardcore. But you want more. You want the 4D muscle of the sword wielding muscle hero who’s saving his dame from a giant 3-eyed Monster. This requires the highest level of training and it requires everything from you. You’ll then need my battle-tested Hyperborean Gainz.

You are a VEGETARIAN and find it hard to build muscle and strength without compromising your values? I trained a vegetarian Bollywood Superstar for his movie role as a Boxing Trainer with the methods shared explicitly in this Vegetarian Muscle Building Guide

And If you are unreasonably passionate about or are worried about any specific muscle group that isn’t responding to your training, I have a whole bunch of specialty programs that focus on specific body parts, from which you can pick what you want. Click here to find what you need!