3 Months of focused training to build the Ultimate masculine body


What this book reveals

Discover the secrets of building a functional body that has strength in all range of all motions

This is Hyperborean bodybuilding. This is for muscle mass gain. This is to occupy more glorious 4 dimensional space and become a larger, in charger, and more muscled Man in demand.

This is not minimalist strength training.

This is not some bullshit “AJAC, can you give me a program for two dumbbells and a resistance band?”

Do not fucking ask me about mobility, yoga, what good stretches are, can you substitute exercises because such and such is too hard for you…

Go fuck yourselves.

This program answers a simple question

I want to become a living god of a man that is built for sex and violence and domination and is SWOLEY AF. Do you have a program for that?

YES, this is the program.

This program is for muscle gain. Period. 

This program requires a fully equipped GYM. There are no substitutions, this is not for home gyms or limited setups of any kind. This program REQUIRES that you have access to every kind of machine, free weight, barbell, and training implement you can think of.

If you do not have, do not get this program.

Hyperborean Gainz IS 3 MONTHS LONG.

You motherfuckers are not skipping steps on this one.

The program is written in 4 phases, each lasting 4 weeks approximately. 

Each week you are training 6 times. Monday through Saturday. 

Each workout is 60 minutes in length (or slightly longer). Do NOT get this program if you are time limited. 

Hyperborean Gainz includes Nutrition 

4 High Protein Meal Plans are included, as well as a guide to Muscle mass gain. 

Follow a simple, efficient program that will get you a stronger, leaner body, and build a foundation for long term results.

About The Author

From The Desk Of Alexander Cortes

I’ve been a personal trainer for over 10 years, and I know whats it’s like to be a beginner in the gym and simply NOT KNOW WHAT TO DO.

You know you should be going to the gym, you’re probably excited to be there, but there are so many machines, so many weights, and so many endless options to “workout” with, where do you even start?

Sure, you can look up videos of how to do exercises, but what makes a good workout?

What is a good routine to follow?

What are the main movements you should be doing?

Over the years I’ve been working with novice clients, I realize the importance of getting them on easy to follow programs that deliver CONSISTENT results.

My goal has never been to dazzle my clients with my supposed knowledge, my goal is to measurably improve their muscle and strength week over week.

I guarantee that in following this program, you’ll save yourself months, even years of wasted time and effort in the gym, and you’ll learn the necessary principles to train yourself for a lifetime.

Alexander AJAC Cortes

I am a personal trainer, dancer, writer, and solo entrepreneur. My entire life, I have been enthralled by the power of the mind/body and the potential of human beings.

Start turning your body into that of a Barbarian for $50.