Alexander Cortes


How to Train Like an Animal, Unlock Your Physical & Mental Potential, and Never Need Motivation Again.

Does this sound familiar?

  • Does getting yourself moving always feel like a challenge?
  • Do you struggle with motivation to go to the gym?
  • Do you wish you COULD be disciplined, but cannot get yourself to be consistent?
  • Do you search for motivation, only to quit when you lose enthusiasm?
  • Do you wish your standards for yourself were HIGHER, but you are seduced by your current state of comfort?

become a person who is Driven in all areas of their life

This course will teach how to UNLEASH the energetic potential within yourself.

You will discover that your problems are not problems of Being, but problems of your thinking, of environment, of how you think and speak to yourself. 

And if you can accept and view these problems honestly, you can fix them, discard them, and be rid of them.

Becoming High Energy is a Skill. One that you can TRAIN.

The Motivation game is a losing game that millions of people play. You want to do X, but you do not FEEL like doing it.

Your Reality Is Decided By These Mental & Emotional States.

You feel good, you feel bad. You feel excited, you feel down.

You feel inspired to try, you feel dejected when things become difficult.

In this course, AJAC will precisely guide you over 8 weeks to transform your mentality towards your physicality

  • Radical self-awareness to know what parts of your life that you must address first
  • How to Change your environment to elevate your energy levels
  • The way to change behavior that bypasses the feelings of discomfort
  • How to go from reluctant learner to someone who wants to constantly improve themselves (and why pain is the secret weapon in this process)
  • How to train to LIVE, versus living to train (and why most fitness coaches and personal trainers give you the worst possible advice)
  • Finding a “why”, and Why it is easier than you think
  • Why Becoming who you will matters more than who you think you have been (overcoming impostor syndrome)
  • How to Determine Who you want to change into, through a simple system of determining your values and honest priorities

By the end of the 8 weeks, the “motivation” game struggle will be a thing of the past.

That's Not All (FREE BONUS)

Everyone that enrolls in the course will have direct access to AJAC through a private telegram chat.


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