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AJAC’s Guide to Leg Training – Learn to train the complex Leg muscles effectively.

AJAC’s Guide to Back Training – Learn to train the complex Back muscles effectively.

AJAC’s Bikini Body Program – This is for women who want to look good naked, or in a bikini. Prioritizes the lower body, especially the glutes. Simple workouts; diet is covered.


Fat loss and Diet Related

Accelerated Fat Loss Program – Lose 8-15lbs of fat in 2 months. Do it in a healthy way. Learn to eat right along the way. Workouts and meal plans are included. Over 3100 sales and several successful transformations.

Accelerated Fat Loss Challenge Group for Men – This is my 8 weeks fat loss group coaching and accountability program. You’ll join a private Telegram group along with other men who’re on the same journey. You’ll have full access to me within the group. The goal is to get you lose 8 to 15lbs of fat in those 8 weeks.

The Skinny Fat Manifesto – A skinny fat man is a small man with normal weight but excess fat, weak joints, low muscle & strength, low testosterone, confidence and low libido. If that’s you this Training+Diet program is for you.

The AJAC Diet – Spending 30 minutes reading the 20 timeless diet principles will teach you what the schools, colleges and parents didn’t teach you all these years. Prevent countless diseases by learning

AJAC Guide to Vegetarian Muscle Building – You can still build muscle & strength if you won’t eat meat on principle. Use the principles and program I used to train Bollywood superstar R.Madhavan (who’s a vegetarian) for an ex-boxer role he did in a movie.


General Fitness

AJAC Push Pull Legs Program – Best program for the busy man who is focused on his career and building a family. Build muscle and keep progressing with just 3 or 4 times a week training. This is a template you can use lifelong.

The Posture Program – Fix bad posture by building muscles that fight gravity. Use specific exercises to strengthen the muscles along your entire spine. See visual improvements in just 8 weeks.

AJAC Longevity Program – This is for trainees who are 35+ years old. What worked in your 20s will break you in your 30s and beyond. Learn to train safely


Girl Programs

AJAC’s Bikini Body Program – My latest program for women. Simple workouts, uncomplicated exercises, effective results. Lower body (specifically glutes) focused.

Banshee Program – Advanced women program, focused on strength and muscle gain, and is more than 4 days a week training.


Body Type Based Programs

The Skinny Fat ManifestoA skinny fat man is a small man with normal weight but excess fat, weak joints, low muscle & strength, low testosterone, confidence and low libido. If that’s you this Training+Diet program is for you.

Tall Man Training – Strategies for 6ft+ Lifters – For gentlemen that are over 6 ft tall. Frustrated that you are strong as steel, but can’t pack on muscles like your shorter friends? There’s a way though.

Ectomorph Training: How To Gain Muscle and Build Strength If You Are Naturally Skinny – For the purely skinny, “hardgainer” men out there. You’ve tried everything to put on weight and nothing seems to work? Try the Eating and Training strategies in this program and you will have stopped the search finally.


Strength and Muscle Building Programs

The Achilles Program – Crafting the Body of a DemiGod My flagship program that’s sold over 3100 copies. Chest, Arms and Abs focused. Build God-like physique that men respect & fear, and women crave.

Fight Club Physique: Rage Against the Modern WorldThe only program that trains your body AND your mind. Build a tough mentality by learning to cut the BS out of your life and training brutally.

Achilles ElysiumThe righteous sequel to the Achilles program. Build a strong posterior chain, train with unique, simple-to-set-up exercises. Based on my learnings from GOATA, Ben Patrick, Biomechanics from Doug Brignole and my martial arts training. (This is a fan-favorite for my long-time followers.)

Bodyweight Bedrock: Bodyweight Strength and Muscle Building – Bodybuild with just bodyweight exercises like Squats, Pushups, Dips, Pullups, Rows and Lunges. Use minimal home-gym setup and build some serious muscles.

Athletic Muscle Minimalism – Dips, Pullups/Chinups, Lunges. Build strength and muscle using only these muscles. Learn to master these bodyweight movements.

Ancient Athletics – Collection of several emails I wrote to my newsletter during the lockdown about how the Ancient Greeks trained. Fascinating explorations that’ll shed light on the training methods that are lindy.

The Wolverine Program – Train like you’re being paid to Transform. Learn the mindset of Hugh Jackman that got him his Wolverine physique, in TWO decades. 

The Hercules Program – Build powerful and athletic body using Bodyweight exercises and Dumbbells. Build total body strength training 6 days a week.

The Hyperborean Gainz – Become a living God of a man that is built for Sex, Savagery and Supremacy and is SWOLEY AF. A unique 3-phase program that’ll get you STRONG.

King of Deadlifts – Mastering the Deadlift – Master the king of the exercises.


Specific Body Part Focused Programs

Note: All programs in this section are full body programs, but with special focus on the particular muscles. For example, if you bought the 21 Guns Arms growth program, it’ll still have you train your chest, back, legs, abs etc, but it emphasizes arms.

AJAC Guide to Shoulder Training – Strengthen your most important upper body muscles. Earn back their mobility and make them buff and wide. Never lose the ability to push and pull using your arms.

Building the HOOD-The Best Training Principles and Strategies For a Bigger, Buffer, Stronger, Chest – Build big, broad and strong chest muscles that make women wet.

The Posture Program – Repair years of postural damage done by endless hours of laptop pounding. Build muscles along the entire spine using specific exercises that’ll help you fight gravity 24×7.

21 Guns-The Best Training Guide For Bigger, Buffer, Stronger, Arms – Build bigger and stronger Arms. Biceps, Triceps and Forearms training guide. Never again be the Man without the ARMS.

Yoked: The Definitive Program and Guide to Building the Neck, Traps, and Back – Neck, Traps, Back – Train to build immense traps like the Northman. Look intimidating.

Quads of GodsThe time has come to build bigger, better, stronger legs. This is a lower body program, training the quads, glutes, and hamstrings twice weekly in punishing, brutally effective workouts. This program is for anyone who wants to prioritize their lower body, and it uses a high volume approach to spur muscle growth.

Posterior Power Program – Build a heroic Ass and a heroic Posture. This program is a 12-week endeavor on building your posterior and posture, specifically the glutes, hamstrings, and calves.


Detailed Training Guides

AJAC’s Guide to Leg Training – Learn to train the complex Leg muscles effectively.

AJAC’s Guide to Back Training – Learn to train the complex Back muscles effectively.

The AJAC Guide To Neck Training – Train the most unique and neglected muscle in your body. Avoid injury by strengthening your neck using safe exercises (not like the ones you see Mike Tyson do in youtube. That’s dangerous).


Mass Gaining Programs

PROJECT MASS MAYHEM – My most recent and most polished mass gain program. 6 month training program. Train intensely up to 2 hours a session. Perfect nutrition.

70s BULK Program – Mass gain methods followed by Golden Era bodybuilders. Elegant volume based approach that never fails.

AJAC German Volume Training – The infamous German Volume Training method of 10 sets of 10 reps, compound movement only exercises. But with the AJAC twist that will prevent overuse injury. Get this if you want something intense.

The Overkill Program – This is not a program for moderate people. It is a program for BROS who love to train, and who are excited at the possibility of ass busting workouts that leave you pumped and walking out of the gym feeling swole AF. If you are serious about mass gain, then at some point in your training life you must experiment with higher volumes of training. You MUST train like a Bro Obsessed.


Other Stuff

AJAC Tribe – Private Inner Circle Telegram annual membership. Men-only. Join like-minded brothers and pursue the elite self-development culture. With the support of nearly 400 men around the world, build aesthetic physique, discuss business, life and personal growth. Become a man of action. Oh, and have direct access to me inside.

100 Home Workouts by AJAC: No Gym, No Problem – Fun little workouts, on paper. Brutal and highly effective when done. Whether you have a few dumbbells and plates, or whether you have nothing but your bodyweight only to train, this guide has 100 workouts  to give you ideas to never run out of.

AJAC 2018 Newsletter Collection (Edition 1) – During 2018, I wrote 3 newsletters a day for almost an year. On several topics such as money, business, women, psychology, and of course fitness. Read some of those essays I sent at the time that created a loyal fanbase for me.

AJAC’s Brotastic Guide to Testosterone Replacement Therapy – Everything you need to know about TRT. 30 pages long.