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Serious Plan For People At Rock Bottom

If you’re at Rock Bottom, you’ve only got two choices, Wait here and die, or keep moving and climb up out.

If it’s going to be the latter, you need to have a plan, a serious plan.

Write this down.

1. Visualize WHERE you are trying to climb to

You can only go forward, you cannot go back. Wherever you’re going it’s new. Write out, clearly write out, what the state of life is that is your goal. Write it out in DETAIL .Write down why it’s your mission. Save that somewhere safe.

2. Write down the top 3 things you need to do EVERY day to reach that goal

Write them down and tape them to your bathroom mirror. When you wake up, write them down again on a post-it note (credit to @davidgoggins for this one). Put them on that mirror every day, And DO THEM.

3. Everytime you feel self doubt, or fear, or want to quit Go back and read what your mission is

Remind yourself of what needs to get done every day. And do it. You’ve come this far so far, use that pain and continue on.

4. Nobody leaves the lowest point of their life by accident

You’re going to need to be purposeful, intentional, and use the pain to power yourself through .There is no other way. No one will come to save you And whether you fail or succeed in this will ultimately be your fault.

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