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Drop as Much Body Fat as Humanly Possible in Just 30 Days

If you’re looking for an effective way to change your body in the next 30 days...

The info on this page will help you to achieve precisely that.

Here is the scoop:

It is POSSIBLE to get dramatic visible changes in the short term…

If you adopt specific elements from certain athletes’ training routines.

Of course, this is not for everyone.

This is for those who are willing to follow a dramatic training approach.

But if you dare, in return…

You will achieve the fastest improvements in aesthetics and hypertrophy you have ever experienced.

Now, considering that hardly anyone has access to the specific training regimen athletes use to achieve rapid results.

I have created a new program.

It is based on precise training principles that allow these athletes to achieve remarkable results FAST.

And it will help you drop body fat and make your physique look sharper nearly IMMEDIATELY.



The Shred30 Program is a unique system designed for rapid fat-burning.

As the name suggests, you’ll be training for 30 days.

No, you won’t burn out or exhaust your muscles.

It’s based on a Variable Recovery Training System.

That way, we optimize recovery times for different muscle groups.

By spacing out all the major muscle groups according to their recovery time, avoiding muscle overlap, and limiting excess volume, you can:

Get a sneak peek at what you will be going through in this program:

You’ll also get The One Month Shred30 Diet

Losing body fat quickly is something that everybody wants.

Dieting for weeks and months could be more appealing.

Instead, we want RAPID fat loss.

Fast fat loss.

Extreme fat loss.

I’ve been a personal trainer since 2010 and have been asked thousands of times how to “lose fat quickly” in some form or another.

Here is the answer.

There IS a way to lose fat quickly.

It’s called a Protein Sparing Modified Fast.

Very few people actually talk about it.

And with it, the weight loss will be unparalleled.

Nothing else works better.

One last crucial point to wrap up

I initially developed this program for myself and my private coaching clients.

I wasn’t interested in making it accessible to the mass public since it requires high levels of will and drive…

But right now, you can access it at a special launch price.

So, if you’re interested in achieving a rapid body transformation, then it’s a good idea to get this program at this price while you still can:

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Alexander Cortes

My name is Alexander Juan Antonio Cortes. I am a writer, dancer, personal trainer, and storyteller. I have an obsession with the art and science of self-actualization. I believe that everything can be trained, and that anyone can change their life for the better.​


What is The Shred30 Program?

The Shred30 Program is a 30-day fitness plan for rapid fat loss and transformation.

Who is The Shred30 Program for?

The Shred30 Program is ideal for individuals who need to drop body fat quickly, whether for an upcoming event, a fitness milestone, or a personal goal. It’s perfect for those who are willing to commit to an intense, short-term program.

Do I need a gym membership for The Shred30 Program?

Yes, the program does require access to a gym. This ensures you have the resources necessary to follow the workout plan effectively.

I've given many programs a shot, but none have worked for me... So, what sets this one apart?

The Shred30 Program is a unique and intense 30-day program based on the Variable Recovery Training System. While out there, you could find programs with extensive training on consecutive days. No others leverage the Variable Recovery Training System as The Shred30 Program does. So, the results you can get with this are faster and more dramatic.

Here is everything you get