Simplest Full Body Workout For Overall Fitness

It’s a Push, Pull, Legs workout.

This is the most simple kind of fully body workout, very low learning curve, hits broadest range of muscles, adaptable to any kind of situation, can be done in 30 min or less.

You do one exercise each, 2-5 sets, whatever rep range you are comfortable with.

Push exercises

  • pushups
  • dips
  • any kind of chest or shoulder press
  • Pull exercises
  • pullups
  • chinups
  • pulldowns
  • seated row
  • bodyweight rows
  • facepulls
  • horizontal row of any kind (using weights, rings, bar, cables, bands, even cloth)

Leg exercises

  • bodyweight squat (air squat, hindu squat, sumo squat, narrow stance squat)
  • any kind of loaded squat (goblet, barbell, front squat)
  • lunge or single leg squat (bulgarian split squat, split squats, step ups, atg split squat, cossack squat etc)
  • even a leg press if you want

You cannot make training simpler than this, this is brain dead in execution.

Some examples

  • Pushups
    Bodyweight squats
  • DB chest press
    Seated row
  • Shoulder Press

You’ve got a lot of combinations, all of them work.

If you want a structured program around this method, then you can use my PUSH PULL LEGS Program. In just 4 weeks of training, you can develop strength and muscle in a progressive manner, week after week. It’s ideal for busy people who want to focus on other life goals (family, business etc), but still don’t want to neglect training and don’t want to half ass it either.

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