Solutions for Knee Pain

This a compilation of strategies and tactics I’ve learned over the years

These are not “workouts”, rather they are protocols to try.

Credit is given where credit is due.

That aside, the Number One strategy for Knee pain & issues of any kind is… 

1. Backwards Walking (ideally with resistance)

Credit goes to Ben Patrick for popularizing and developing this one

The lowest level of Backwards walking is doing it without weight

Optimally, you do against resistance, weighted sleds work best

This can be done every day, its a concentric only exercise and very easy to recover from

Do anywhere from 2-4 sets daily, each ranging from 1-2 minutes

2. Lunge position Isometrics

Lets say that your knee pain is quite severe and doing full ROM reps is too difficult

Could you do an Isometric rep though?

The Isometric lunge protocol I got from Jake Turra is proven to help knee pain immensely

Jakes suggested protocol is starting with bodyweight, and doing sets up to 3 minutes in length

Once you can do 2-3 minute isometric lunges, ADD WEIGHT

As much weight as you can handle

Do 4 sets of 30 seconds, this can be every other day

3. Leg Extension Isometrics

Lets the lunges are way too hard, and you REALLY need to regress and do something simple

Enter the single leg isometric extension

4 sets x 30 seconds

Can be done every day

4. SUPPLEMENT with Hydrolyzed collagen

Do this right after doing any of the protocols in this post.


Avoiding “pain” and “waiting” for your knee to heal is the WRONG strategy.

If you want to fully restore and strengthen your knees, you need work through the pain and apply some heavy loading


One of the most self limiting beliefs of having “bad knees” is that you cannot do hard exercises

Its the opposite. You need to be loading your knees as heavy as you can tolerate and perform

its the only way to get the tissues stronger 

Heavy split squats

Bulgarian splits

single leg press

Leg extensions

You want maximal tension going through the knee joint

6. HINDU SQUATS (known as Baithaks)

These have been done for centuries in Indian by Pelewan wrestlers

They work the entire quadricep, and can be done for very high reps

Your heels are SUPPOSED to come off the ground, your weight, should be on the lateral edge of your foot

Hindu squats I suggest trying out in sets of 10-20 to start

Use a broomstick if the balance is a challenge initially,

As you get stronger, try doing one long set of 100 reps

Once that becomes doable, add a weight vest

Or challenge yourself with super high reps workouts 

8. Pushing a Sled FORWARD

Sled pushing develops foot strength, knee integrity, all the muscles of the lower body, and it is LOW IMPACT compared to running or sprinting. You can also use it correct faulty gait mechanics at the foot level

Everything You Need To Know About Prowler Sled Training

9. Nordic leg Curls

These work the distal hamstring and all the tendons and ligaments that connect the femur to the tibia

They are very difficult, but there is compelling evidence that they help prevent injury

10. Train Your ARCHES

This is NOT an affiliate link, fyi

This particular coach has spent years researching the function of the fascia and specifically how the FEET drive the entire bodily system

His foot rehab Ive studied a great deal, would recommend

11. Use a Slant board for squats

Using a slant board for lower body exercises places the ankle/knee/hip in a much more proportionate position with the joint angles equalized

One of the biggest fallacies with the “ankle mobility” people is the complete ignorance towards how limb length & proportion is the deciding factor in joint angles as you squat

Unless you have optimal proportions, you will NEVER have a perfectly aligned squat

Use slant board 

12. High Intensity Training

This might seem an odd recommendation, but read on:

A properly performed high intensity set is done with a SLOW, controlled rep cadence, minimal momentum

Training this way absolutely builds muscle, but its also… 

very SAFE. You build muscle, get stronger, and your odds of injuring yourself during a set are practically zero

here is a great example of a HIT lower body workout by the legendary Dorian Yates


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