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Some Thoughts On Writing

Simple writing tip: Stop trying to make your writing simpler

Use run on sentence, use big words, use phrases, metaphors, luxuriate how you express yourself, develop your own style, make art with words & enjoy doing so

Don’t listen to shitty writers that write for dumb audiences

I absolutely despise this “write for a 1st Grade level!” bullshit The presumption that everyone reading you is a fucking simpleton says more about yourself than anything else. I’ve completely ignored this shit for years now, and I’ve got the best audience imaginable

The greatest works of literature and writing throughout history were not written for 9 years old. Words are art, language has power and magic within it that is unfathomable. To write is to develop one’s thinking and perceiving. Cease the simpleton fuckery

You can also use writing to mentally program yourself.

Writing is to the mind what physical training is to the body. You’re continuously adding, refining, challenging, and improving your thinking capacities

A writer is someone who earns money with his writing. I wrote about becoming a writer here.

Writing is your mind expressing its ability to define itself. Becoming a better writer will make you a better thinker. And vice versa

Writing is a mirror to the contents of your mind. If you are afraid to write you are afraid of your own thinking. Maybe you’re afraid that there is not much to you, or maybe you’re afraid of being honest with yourself for the first time

How to Improve at Writing: Write every day. If you have the instinct and desire within you to write, this will not be difficult. There is no special path to developing writing skills beyond the act of constantly doing it

Anyone can write, not everyone is a writer. And that is okay. You cannot make yourself have the desire. The desire and instinct to write is discovered, and then acted upon. If you REALLY wanted to write, you’d have already done so. Acclaim and motivation would not matter

Studying screenwriting > studying copywriting. You’re welcome

Writing teaches you how to think. It’s a mirror to the mind, how you process information, and what you’ve learned. People that are constantly learning and improving will have something to write about

Writing is a physical manifestation of thoughts. The more you write and the more time you spending developing your mind… the better your writing will be, the better your thinking will be

Writing is how you measure the Power of a Mind

If you’ve never written down any kind of goal in your life, And you’re unhappy with the state of your life, You might consider writing some goals down, if for no other reason than to self reflect

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