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The 12 Sources Of Stress That Will Steal Your Soul

Faking relationships with people you don’t like. It’s draining & always feels unethical.

Working a job that you HATE. It might be necessary, but it’s impossible to be your best self when you loathe the work that you do.

An unhealthy lifestyle. When health is in the gutter, stress from all sources is heightened. Life always gets worse the unhealthier you are.

Financial struggles. $ solves problems that a lack of $ creates. A lack of financial security is chronically stressful.

Negative family & friends. You might love them & they might love you, but if they are negative people, they are always sucking energy out.

A lack of Fun. If there is nothing in life you enjoy doing, & the only “fun” thing  you do is checking out of life, your own existence is a burden.

Long Commutes. Listen to podcasts if you want, but hours spent driving in traffic is still time spent sitting that you can never get back.

A disordered living space. When you live in total chaos, it’s impossible not to be affected by it. External messiness affects you mentally.

A broken relationship with your parents. This situation will claw at you every single day. You must bring it to resolution, or else…

Being in a relationship with someone you don’t want to be with. That people do this at all is testament to human denial, it’s soul killing.

Trying to manage and control other people’s behavior. You never will. And will have bad luck for doing so. You can only control yourself.

Inertia. This instinct is always ready to take over, and even though it makes you lazy, it creates dread that life is passing you by.

Stress is a destroyer if you don’t account and control it.

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