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Starting Over From Zero

I get asked this question fairly often, usually from guys in their late 20s (sometimes 30s) If you develop yourself on the Right Path, you never truly get knocked down to Zero

Here is how to think about this…

I think one of the biggest fallacies is this idea that you could lose “everything”, or be reduced down to “nothing”. But if you build yourself the right way, You can only lose material possessions. You don’t lose your experiences, skills, knowledge, that is always with you

I’ve done some things wrong in my life, but I’ve done many things Right. One of the biggest was that I developed a skillset (training, writing, fitness) that is always USEFUL. I possess hard and soft skills. Technical knowledge and instruction. Persuasion, sales, speaking

If you develop a deep skillset that is always useful, you can always apply it somewhere else. If it was necessary, I could work in a physical gym again and train clients or I could use my writing, sales, research, persuasion ability My skillset is interdisciplinary

Along with my skillset, I have all the Relationships I have made. If you build great relationships, and maintain them, you’re never going to be truly “Alone”. People who strive for excellence always have things in common

This is not “networking”. I’ve never tried to network just for the sake of saying I know someone. What I’ve done is found like minded, aspirational people who are excellent in what they do. Mastery, detail oriented, wanting to learn and get better, those are my kind of folk

Adaptability. If you have a very fixed mindset towards the future, the path you are on, and you need extreme certainty to make decisions and feel safe….You’re going to simply struggle if you get knocked off this

Fate is FICKLE. You can have immense certainty, And immense focus, but you must also have some awareness to realize that sometimes the externalities of life do not work out in your favor. You might find yourself in a situation where YOU cause your misfortune in some way, and must course correct and take risks

This is…LIFE

The ability to Move On quickly from misfortune, disaster, or a simple mistake is a both quality and skill to cultivate If you are the type to linger upon a situation, and lose all energy and momentum to your dark moods, you are writing your own ill fated story

The “Long Game” Mindset. The average lifespan for western man is something between 70-80 years You have 5-6 decades as an adult man You could say 2 of those decades (20-40) are prime years for maturation and cultivation Are you going to “quit” because of ONE bad year?

Or two bad years? Are you going to give up because you had a bad MONTH, or months?

If you have lived your life Right, experience knowledge ability ambition relationships… why would you stop because you went through a challenging period? Logically, I dont find that sensible
Toughness. This is not complicated. You can either take the proverbial hits, or you cannot If you are soft & break easily, what do you expect to happen to you? If you refuse to be broken by anything & believe you can come back…then you likely can. What do you believe in?

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