Incline benching has greater athletic strength transfer & develops a more aesthetic upper body. Unless you compete in powerlifting, there’s no compelling reason to flat bench press Incline is more joint friendly, less likely to lead to pecs tears The man that popularized the flat bench press, Bill Starr, he thought the INCLINE BENCH was […]

Health Is Not What You Think It Is

I grew up in a “healthy” family, an almost ideally healthy one at that. Both of my parents are avid gym-goers. They took up the habit in their teens, and have never stopped in 4 or 5 decades. They’ve never not been active, they’ve never been overweight, or struggled with their weight at all. They […]

Fatigue is a Liar

As a guy who’s struggled to be consistent in the gym throughout his 20s, one of the big problems I (and I believe many others) face is overdoing it in the gym when you’re trying to “finally get in really good shape.” It’s easy to get super inspired by reading fitness experts online once you […]