Top 10 Tips For Building And Strengthening The Glutes

Let’s talk about ASS baby The glutes are the powerhouse muscles of the body. Strong glutes equals Faster, Stronger, More Powerful Individual. Everyone – Men and Women – needs to train them. Here is how… 1 – The glutes are 3 muscles that you need to train Glute minimus Glute Medius Glute Maximus Your glutes […]

“My Legs Are Too Skinny. How To Make Them Bigger?”

Here are 5 strategies you can use to get rid of skinny legs. Do the work and see the results. 1. High Reps Low reps are lousy for leg growth. If you did nothing else but change your working reps to the 10-20 rep range, your legs would grow immensely 2. Focusing Too Much On […]