The First Time I Made Money Online

It was $60. February 2016. That was how much I earned. Small amount, but it changed my whole life.

When I was on facebook, I had a lot of personal trainers that followed me. I got asked for book recommendations quite often. Somehow, I had learned what amazon affiliate links were. And I had an idea. I wrote an article on my old website, “top 5 books for trainers”.

I linked to the books on amazon. Simple as hell, but at the time this was a novel idea. I shared the link on facebook. I think I might have gotten 200 visitors, but somewhere around 20 people bought the books I made…maybe $15?

It’s ridiculous looking back now, I was on the amazon affiliate account, looking at the numbers, obsessively I shared that link maybe 5 times that month. I’m getting all excited at the TENS of dollars I’m making.

At the time I was pretty broke, that $60 was gas money But it was a fire starter that the digital world had infinite opportunity in it. Now I never even check my amazon affiliates, its chump change. But that was one of the catalysts at the time.

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