The Power Of Compound Action

10 years ago I became a personal trainer. I have studied and practiced every day since then to improve my craft.

7 years ago (2013) I started writing. I didn’t get paid until year 2. I didn’t make more than $10k a year from writing until year 5 (2017). And that was because I went into business for myself.⁣

Over 3 years ago I started an email list. I wrote 3 emails daily for 9 months. Then one email daily for a year. Then 2-3 emails a week. ⁣

I never earned more than $50k a year until I was 28. Then when I was 29 I made $100k. That was a big change⁣.

This year is on track to triple that. I don’t say that to brag about income (making less than a million a year ain’t shit) but prove a point ⁣


Ten years. 10.

Not 1, 2, 5, but 10.

And that success has been predicated on daily habits. Training, writing, studying, and a zealous, inherent desire to ALWAYS be improving.

I am never satisfied.

The power of compound interest is well known in the financial world, but it rarely gets translated out of it.

Actions compound the same way that money does. We call them habits, but the principle is no different

Compound action is the habitual improvement made every time you practice something, which includes all of the accumulated improvements of previous practices.

Every habit builds on itself then. And the fastest way to improve at ANYTHING is to practice it more.

Anything done often enough, for long enough, it becomes a part of you.

There are pragmatic limits to practice, no doubt. Sometimes more is not ALWAYS better, but more IS always more.

Some habits are conscious, others unconscious.

Our daily lives are deterministic, the present will be repeated until it becomes eternal. We are what we repeatedly do, to evolve then is a habit of its own.

What are you doing daily to improve?

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