The Tao of Bro

The Tao of Bro

What does it mean to be a Bro?

I was contemplating this question seriously this morning as I found myself watching some Rich Piana videos. If you don’t know who Rich is…look him up.

It was an existential moment for me. I realized that I am, and always will be…a BRO. Im watching fucking Rich Piana videos and Rx Muscles for fucks sake. Im looking up Ronnie Coleman to see how he’s recovery from surgery. The only Joe Roan podcast I’ve ever watched was with Dorian Yates, Robert Oberst, and Pavel Tastouline

I realized I miss Rich, as ridiculous as that might sound. I was never a consistent viewer of his content, but he was such a force in the bodybuilding world and fitness community for a glorious 5-6 years, a larger than life figure. Every video I ever saw of his, every interview, he was a Meta-bro. He embodied every ridiculous yet profound stereotype of Bro-ness that has ever existed.

When I think of being a Bro, and Bro Culture, I cannot help but think of Frederick Nietzche

“There is more wisdom in your body than in your deepest philosophy

And it’s absolutely true.

I’ve spent much of my life geeking out over philosophical rabbit holes, Kant and Camus, Foucault and Girard, and so many others.

By whatever quirk of personality, philosophy is brain candy for me.

Yet with everything I’ve ever studied, there is NOTHING that is pragmatically profound, real, and stupidly realistic as “bro philosophy”.

And when I say Bro, I mean BRO.

Bodybuilders, Powerlifters, Strongmen, and the like. Every man I’ve ever met who dedicated his time and life to being BIG AND STRONG, he has wisdom within him.

Is eloquently spoken and expressed in such a way that any bourgeois elitist academic or “person of culture” would take it seriously? FUCK NO.

Is it true though? FUCK YES

There is a sincerity and a concrete tangibility to physical training that is unmatched by anything else.

Bro philosophy is an epistemic, aesthetic juggernaut. Every verbose and longwinded critical theory of epistemology is fucking WRECKED by Bro philosophy.

  • How do we know something works? We put the time in the gym bro
  • How do we grow? We eat the food and do the work bro
  • What does it take? It takes putting your MIND TO IT BRO
  • How can you make a muscle grow that you can’t feel? YOU CANT BRO, PUT THE MIND IN THE MUSCLE
  • You want to be Strong? SMASH FUCKING WEIGHTS BRO

Bros are the Ubermensch of the world. They have a better understand of what is REAL knowledge and the validation thereof than any skinny-fuck academic with a PhD. There is a euphoric power in realizing that the metaphysics of the mind can be applied to the body, and weight can be moved, muscle added, the body grown, more space inhabited.

There is also a beautiful sincerity to such an existence. Work ethic, diligence, consistency, focus, intentionality. The most biggest and strongest of bros lead monastic existences that rival that of actual monk or priest.

Everyone could use a little more Bro in their life.

The 4 Noble Bro Truths

(Basically buddhism, except way better because you’re jacked)

1. Growth requires Suffering

There will be no gains without suffering. Everything that we desire requires work, effort, and patience. Even when training is going well, there is always the possibility of injury, illness, or some fucked up personal shit happening. The acceptance of pain as growth is the first step in overcoming the impatient ego, and learning to STFU and do what is required.

2. Nothing is real unless proven by proof of outcome

The fundamental ignorance of this fact causes much pain and suffering in the world. These delusions are painful and misleading, but they will work to maintain themselves all the same.

The cause of lack of gains is the mind enthralled by its own fanciful delusions. Basically you don’t know shit because you’re all talk, no action. To know anything of what is real, it must be proven by physical demonstration.

Fuck what you read on the internet. Fuck your studies. Fuck your rules. The Bro understands that so long as something can be gained through physical and mental effort, it is possible, and the extent of possibility is far greater than the narrow confines of mind that worships rules and restrictions and authorities.

3. There is no end to anything

The path of gains has no end point, the only limitations that exist are the ones we choose. No matter how big or strong you get, there are always bigger bros, and heavier weights. Victories are permanent only memory. Everything changes and nothing stays the same, and the ending of one path is the beginning of another.

When we are enlightened to the impermanence of obstacles and accepting of our own mortality, in every moment we are free to live as we choose, and experience immense gratitude in the process that is life.

4. A Good life requires consistency

In order to experience GAINS, we must train, eat, and sleep diligently. The most BRO of Bros understand the power of compounding action. You will never become Jacked on accident. You will never have success in ANYTHING by accident. All things worth having must be worked for

Am I being satirical or serious right now?

Probably both.

Seriously though, most of you could likely use a heavy dose of turning your mind off, and simply taking action and stfu. Human nature and universal principles are not going to accommodate your overthinking. Ever.


My newest program (and first program of 2020) has arrived

90 Days to Diesel

This program is a joint collaboration with my bro Josiah Novak.

I had never quite written a straight hypertrophy program with a sole emphasis on Progressive Overload, and that is 90 Days of Diesel is. Like all my programs, there is a meta emphasis. For 90DD (I just came up with that), its for the trainee to learn how Progressive Overload actually works on a week to week basis, and how long term strength gains correspond to mass gains.

The program itself is simple

  • 4 lifting days weekly
  • 60-75 minute workouts
  • Optimal exercise selection to put on mass
  • Like all programs I’ve written, it requires access to a commercial gym

90DD also includes an exercise guide to the top 5 most effective mass building movements for every muscle group, a diet guide for mass gain, and a recipe book as well for a variety of high protein meals.

Additionally, there is option for 12 weeks of Group Coaching, which will be done by Josiah and myself in a private Slack channel.

You can check out the program here.

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