Top 10 Old School Bodybuilding Tactic For Weight Gain

Here’s the list.

1. High Rep Squatting

High reps, especially in the 10-20 rep range, this is phenomenally effective for muscle growth. The “20 rep” barbell squat workout and others like it is tried and proven to work excellent for mass

2. Eating 5-6 Times A Day

Small meals that digest quickly. Many people will LOL and say this is “broscience”. Those people are skinny eunuchs who come from weak blood. Bodybuilders have done this for decades because it WORKS

3. Eat “full fat” meat

None of that “lean protein” nonsense; Chicken thighs, 80/20 beef, fatty steaks, eggs with the yolks, cook your food in butter. Gets you more calories, tastes better, and digests easier as well

4. Hamburger patties

You can buy them in bulk, cook them quickly, season them however you like, they work for practically any meal, and incorporating them into meal prep is simple as well

5. Sandwiches

Yep, you read that right. Regular, simple sandwiches like peanut butter and jelly, turkey or ham and cheese, on plain white bread. Digests fast, you can snack on them between meals, & the Extra calories you’ll need

6. Trail Mix. Dried fruit mixed with nuts

Carbs and fats. It’s calorie dense, you can snack on it constantly. Also very cheap, and portable. Pour some into a bag and carry it in your pocket. Calorie surplus=weight gain. That simple

7. Eggs. A lot of Eggs.

Eggs are the highest quality protein source in the the world, they are incredibly nutritious And they digest quickly, and can be eaten with any meal Add 4-6 eggs into your daily diet, you’ll gain weight


carbohydrates are the premier energy source for fueling athletic performance, having great workouts, and GAINING muscle mass. Try building mass and having great workouts with NO carbs, won’t happen

9. Eating a jar of peanut butter every day

A ton of calories, easy to eat, doesn’t make you full, and you can snack on it continuously throughout the day. Yes I am completely serious about this

10. Olive oil shots

Every meal you eat, add 1oz of olive to it .Yes I am completely serious about this too. Olive oil is a healthy fat, and it will easily put you into a calorie surplus.

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