Top 10 Tips For Building And Strengthening The Glutes

Let’s talk about ASS baby

The glutes are the powerhouse muscles of the body. Strong glutes equals Faster, Stronger, More Powerful Individual. Everyone – Men and Women – needs to train them. Here is how…

1 – The glutes are 3 muscles that you need to train

  • Glute minimus
  • Glute Medius
  • Glute Maximus

Your glutes are both prime movers during running, lunging, jumping And they help to stabilize the low back and spine. Strong glutes = Strong body

2 – If you cannot feel or contract your glutes at all… 

You need to “activate” them through improving your conscious mind muscle connection. The best to do this is through high rep glute bridges. Glute bridges, 3 sets of 50 reps, is what I recommend.

3 – Deadlifts versus Squats?

BOTH exercises can build the glutes, but it depends on A) How you perform them and B) Your natural body structure. Some people get great glute development only from squatting, but most people need more than that

4 – Hip Thrusts

There are A LOT of ways to do these, but overall it’s the best movement to get bigger/stronger glutes Because there is a such a variety, try out the different versions and see what you feel the most

5 – To Deadlift for Glute Development…

You must focus on hip extension, getting the hips back as far as possible and contracting at the top Romanian Deadlifts in the 6-10 rep range work best for this You can also do it with DBs, in the 8-15 rep range

6 – To Squat for Glute Development…

You want to prioritize movements that get full hip extensions and loaded the glutes more than the quads My favorite exercise for this is the dumbbell Sumo squat

7 – The Bulgarian Split Squat

The best exercise that almost everyone hates to do This movement can be setup to hit the glutes hard, and it can be loaded heavy as you get stronger

8 – The 45 Degree Hyperextension

People tend to do this as a back movement. Its best done as a GLUTE exercise 

9 – Train the glute medius and minimus as well

Any exercises that moves the leg laterally can work the “side glute” areas. These exercises are not done with heavy weights at all, only for higher reps

10 – How many times a week to train?

I recommend TWICE weekly One day of heavier exercises, 6-12 reps. One day of lighter movements, 8-20 reps

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