Turning 32

What’s up people.

I am 32 today, and I can say honestly my life has never been better. The challenge of beginning Muay Thai training has enriched my life in so many ways, I am the healthiest I ever been, my mental aptitude has never been higher, its quite amazing How amazing I feel on any given day.

Last year when I turned 31 I decided to list 31 maxims that I felt were useful and had been on my mind. It was quite popular, and I decided I’d do the same this year.

These are not arranged in any particular order, I wrote them down as they came to me.

I will offer the same directive I gave last year

Reflect on your life. Extract wisdom from it. Find the lessons in your experiences, examine yourself. Strive to become wiser, smarter, more discerning.

  1. Money Favors speed. On the most basic of levels, the ability to create large amounts of wealth is dependent on the size of transaction, and the speed of transactions happening. On a psychological level, once you are “making money” you can make MORE by continuing to move/work/systemize faster.
  2. All communications between people are an energy exchange as much as they are an information exchange. Intuition and being able to detect bullshit is recognizing when the energy does not match the information being conveyed.
  3. Fatigue is a skill. The individual who can manage and master “being tired”, who can learn to breathe, to move with efficiency, to think while under duress, to differentiate between true exhaustion and mental boredom, they will be an exceptional performer over others.
  4. The culture you live in can and will and does affect you. It is not natural for a Man to live in a place and erect barriers to being influenced by that place. A healthy society is one that is GOOD for the individual. Not one in which the individual must blockade himself from its influences.
  5. Do not ever put your trust in people that get tired from walking. They have no endurance of characters (as well as lungs).
  6. People will betray you for no good reason and with no clear motive, and they themselves will struggle to articulate why. This is the fickleness of the human soul, and until you encounter it you will not believe it. People can be mysterious, even to themselves
  7. A fear of success in life and hiding who you really are tend to correspond to one another. Fame amplifies a person’s Being, and it is a very real fear to be put under fame’s magnification and people see…theres nothing there.
  8. Women are a magic mirrors to Mans sense of self and his Masculinity. A Man afraid of women is a man afraid of his own shadow. A man with anger towards women is a man angry with his own lacks being revealed to him.
  9. There is nothing random in the narratives and ideas that shape the public conscience. The manipulation game of the psyche unfolds at the civilizations, societal, communal, and individual level. Once you recognize this, you can never unsee it.
  10. The most basic moral principle of society is to have clear standards in character and behavior. Without this, you are never very far from hell and tyranny.
  11. Emulate qualities, do not imitate behavior. Emulating will lead you to self discovery, but imitation alone you will never be more than a poor copy of the individual you admire.
  12. To be “ahead” of the curve is not so much to see the future precisely, but rather to be actively creating it in the present from perceived possibilities. (The alliteration was unintentional). Most wait for the narrative of how they should live, while there are those rare few who set about creating their own.
  13. On a long enough timeline, the person who trains more than you and studies more than you is going to beat you.
  14. Innovation is never found in mass consensus. The most scientific are those who experiment where others are skeptical and seek insight in places that others would dismiss.
  1. There is no cosmic justice or karma (at least not in the western sense of the word). There are consequences and risks that can compound with time, and increase likelihood of bad things happening. To those observing, they might call this punishment, but justice is always after the fact. Never before.
  2. Skill with violence is the ultimate and most primal of all Masculine skills. Any arguments against this can be ended by the inability of those who argue to defend and protect themselves. If you want to become more of a Man, it is your duty to learn this.
  3. The most defining quality of leadership is decisiveness. That alone will set a man apart from his peers. The ability to bear the outcomes of such decisions (good or bad) is the second.
  4. Speaking purely on the level of business, one great employee/worker is worth at least 10 average ones, and likely more than that, as they can potentially introduce innovations to your business that lead to geometric increases in efficiency and profit in the long term. I did not know how true this could be until I hired two people like this this year.
  5. Relationship quality is always greater than quantity of relationships. Who you know matters more than how many you know.
  6. Beyond the monetary gain, Fame does not make your life richer in any meaningful way. If anything, it makes the likelihood of reliable relationships more scarce, as you must be cognizant that everyone “wants a piece” of you. You don’t understand this until you have some level of fame obviously.
  7. It is better to be infamous than famous. To be disdained and admired in equal parts is greater freedom than being encumbered by the expectations of acting properly for majority approval.
  8. Physical skill being equal, strategy and mindset become the deciding factors in any battle. This applies to every domain of conflict, not just physical.
  9. There are two kinds of confidence; the first someone is born with, and it cannot be imitated. The second is the kind obtained through victories and challenges, and it is obtainable by anyone. The first combined with the second is what leads to superlative, once in a generation individuals.
  10. The tradeoff of power for self-respect is a financial transaction, but the practical cost is that of one’s soul. You don’t understand this until you see someone make the trade.
  11. Once you compromise your health, all other values you hold become negotiable as well. Without health, you have nothing…Yes, because you bargained it all away.
  12. There is a version of you that is brave, confident, and acts with conviction. That version lives the opposite of how you live now (assuming that you feel your life lacks these qualities). Do what he would do.
  13. There will be defining moments in life in which you will be required to sacrifice, at a great loss, things that matter to you, in the hope that what you transform into in future will be greater than what you are now. You also will not understand this until you live it.
  14. Do not take advice from anyone on anything that they do not live themselves. As simple as this may be in principle, it is routinely ignored in practice. The fat man’s words on health are meaningless, as is the poor man’s words on money, and the cowards opinion on risk.
  15. The ability to make money has nothing to do with ethics, and often demands a lack thereof. The deification of money has been warned against for all time for this reason.
  16. Heroism is the most powerful story we have for changing the world for the better. Conformity to change it is for the worst.
  17. Go with God is in fact the best course of action in many situations. And what goes against God, the worst. This too you need to witness a great deal of suffering and injustice to understand.
  18. When in doubt, do what is brave. You’ll learn more. Though bee careful to not mistake foolishness for bravery. This itself requires making the mistake though, so don’t feel too bad about it.

I appreciate all of you that read these emails,

Love you all,

talk again.


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