Use Writing To Mentally Program Yourself

Writing is mental programming. Whether you are “goal oriented” or not, writing down your plans and intentions requires you to consider and define your thinking. You cannot lie to yourself when you physically write.

And when I say write, I mean WRITE, with pen and paper. Typing is not the same. Nothing is so powerful, nor so simple and cheap and easy, as pen and paper. This is proven by science, it’s not opinion. Learning by hand writing is more powerful. There is a very big difference between something you can look at, versus something you can hold in your hands and “created” yourself. It is no accident that so many accomplished men across industries have journals, notebooks, waiters pads to write on.

A waiter’s pad costs a dollar, the cost of investment is literally nothing. If you want to be fancy, get a moleskin notebook. They last awhile. Get a nice pen if it makes you more likely to write. (I do love pens)

What do you write?

  • Write out your priorities
  • Write out your workouts
  • Write out your schedule
  • Write out your goals and aspirations and weaknesses

Do a written SWOT analysis of your life right now.

  • Strengths, what are your more effective habits, actions, processes
  • Weaknesses, areas you can improve
  • Opportunities, where to direct your energy
  • Threats, what is holding you back?

Don’t type these things, write them.

If it’s hard to focus on writing, because it’s slower than typing, and that of and in itself is frustrating, to have to write something, then your FOCUS needs work. And that is what writing is, the development of FOCUS. And writing is one of the most powerful ways to develop it.

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