The Best Warmup Ever

Over the past decade I have seen warming up becoming increasingly complex, fitness professionals will have their clients perform a large variety of exercises, there’s an assumption that nothing can be done until the warming up process is complete, but in many cases the exercises performed are completely removed from the actual work out its self.

Training does not need to be this complicated, historically the way that you warmed up for any exercise what’s my simply practicing that exercise, this is the whole point of doing lightweight sets, it is movement preparation and mental rehearsal.

If you need specific and different exercises, that should be determined on a case by case basis, not assumed to be necessary for everyone.

I have had thousands of people do my programs the past five years, my warm-up suggestion has been 1 to 2 to possibly three sets of lightweight for moderate reps, people sometimes question if it’s really that simple, it is that simple, and I have yet to have anyone report being injured from warming up for an exercise by practicing the exercise.

Question your assumptions and examine the premises of your thinking.


[AJACs 🎁]
[AJACs 🎁]