“My Legs Are Too Skinny. How To Make Them Bigger?”

Here are 5 strategies you can use to get rid of skinny legs. Do the work and see the results.

1. High Reps

Low reps are lousy for leg growth. If you did nothing else but change your working reps to the 10-20 rep range, your legs would grow immensely

2. Focusing Too Much On The Barbell Squat

For some people it works great. Others, its middling, and the low back strain causes chronic stiffness. You don’t need to back squat to get big legs. Goblet squats, leg press, lunges, stepups You’ve got options to choose from

3. Train The Hamstrings

Hamstrings get neglected, especially the lower hamstring. Perform leg curls as part of every leg workout. Do them until your hams are on fire. Hamstrings are a volume muscle, like the quads, the more you train them the more they tend to grow

4. Train to Failure

Most men softball training their legs and turn into huge pussies. They don’t want to be sore. They don’t want to be uncomfortable. You don’t focus and don’t push yourself. Leg training is very basic, it’s the focus and intensity that’s lacking

5. Range Of Motion

Half squats and partial reps and calf raised with 2cm ROM aren’t going to grow your legs. Squats should be at least parallel to the ground. Leg press, go down as low as your anatomy safely allows you to. Don’t cheat your reps. You are in fact cheating yourself of results

Besides these 5 points, if you want a specific program that’s targeted at beginners checkout my Push/Pull/Legs program. You’ll get great results (and Legs) by just training for 4 days a week.

And if you are NOT a beginner, and are still looking to build a bigger set of wheels, then I’ve got you covered as well. My Quads of Gods program is intense. It has worked wonders for many men who tried it. I suggest you try it too.

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